Kalk- und Mergelwerke H.Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Plant Description:
Dry crushing plant equipped with a primary crusher, a selector screen and a hammer mill.
The truck dumps into a hopper that feeds a primary crusher and ,through a conveyor belt, a hammer mill.
The plant produces on average 150 t/h.

Pre-installation issues:
The client needs to collect all production and energy consumption data divided by product typology (5 different recipes) .
The plant produces different materials, this variability can be also on a daily scale. There is also an operator  who monitors the primary crusher.
In addition to production and energy consumption control, the client also needs to reduce as much as possible the time this operator spends on this task.

Our Solution:
After a deep analysis of every issue, Ma-estro proposed a production control system composed by a conveyor belt scale system by Pfreundt (one of our partners) and an electrical network analyzer.
In addition to the production and energy consumption control, we also monitored the dumper efficiency. We solved the operator issue by installing an automation system that automatizes the feeding process through crusher and mill control.

Our systems allowed the client to be clearly aware of all the production costs, divided by product typology.
The client also reported a clear process optimization, a production growing and a reduced cost per ton of product.
He was also very satisfied with Ma-estro technical service.

  • CLIENTKalk- und Mergelwerke H.Müller GmbH & Co. KG
  • NATIONKalkstraße, 8
    Halle Westfalen  33790
  • YEAR2015
  • RESULTSPersonnel optimization, production growing, awareness of the exact production costs.
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