Plant Description:
The plant has a crushing, a selection and a washing line composed by a primary crusher, two cone crushers, a VSI mill, two hydrocyclones and a mud treating section.
The plant produces over 300 t/h of washed sand, which represents the company’s core product.

Pre-installation issues:
The client needs to control the production in order to calculate the actual production cost.
Due to the plant complexity, the client also asks for a simplified management solution (he often has to utilize operators to visually monitor the production process).
Given the situation in Brasil, he needs to reduce the production cost in order to be more competitive on the market.

Our Solution:
We provided a complete solution by replacing the entire existent system with a new PLC and a new automation and supervision system.
This system controls every machine, records production data and optimizes the process.
Every feeder is now automatically controlled without any intervention by the operator;  if there’s an issue with a machine, the system promptly intervenes so it also reduces plant downtimes.
All production and energy data is automatically registered and is available on a dedicated web portal which also manages maintenance interventions.

After a few months, the owner, Mr. Roberto Zanotto, analyzed the new data: with great surprise he found an important production grow: “now the plant produces a 30% more than before”.
In addition to this unexpected result, now it is possible for him to have total control of the production process, plant downtimes and maintenance operations.
All data is monitored and available in his office, which stands just few hundred meters from the plant. The automatic reports, forwarded by e-mail, allow for a continuous control of the plant, even when the plant manager is not on site.

  • CLIENTGeocal Itda
  • NATIONEsatrada Ana Procopio de Moraes
    Santana de Parnaiba
  • YEAR2015
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