MA-ESTRO S.r.l was born from the idea of an entrepreneur who has lived through, and understood, the needs of reducing the costs in the production of aggregates. Knowledge and experience from the quarry to the end product, together with the research in the automation hardware and software, make MA-ESTRO your best partner for your crushing needs by analyzing the facility and providing custom tailored and optimized solutions. Thanks to detailed analysis and specialized technical counseling, Maestro helps you achieve the main goals of the sector: control and reduction of the production costs, energy saving, improved safety, environment awareness.

Ma-estro Srl has 15 years of expertise in the aggregate industry, and has provided solid, technical counseling for the optimization of the production processes and associated costs ever since. Thanks to the experience of its founder, who is also the owner of a quarry, Ma-estro automated more than 50 crushing plants in 10 different countries, developing an important know-how that is now offered to all our future clients.
The professionals of the Ma-estro team will thoroughly analyze your crushing plant to provide a precise and detailed report of the performances and potential issues, in order to help you meet your efficiency goals.
The crushing workflow, from the quarry to the final product, has to be observed from all points of view: being manager, head of the installation but also client in the sector, Ma-estro knows your problems:

  • Production stops reduction
  • Constant quality production assurance
  • Energy saving
  • Manual tuning automation
  • Real time analysis of production data
  • Current market situation adaptation
  • Control instruments availability
  • Certification documents
  • Safety improvement

Ma-estro invests 25% of its resources in research & development. Our efforts in this regard are mainly focused on the design of new sensors and on the development of new software algorithms capable of defining new standards in the sector.


Ma-estro takes care of client concerns from the design phase by developing specific concepts in order to minimize the need for technical assistance and by promoting the autonomy of its products.
The company offers a series of annual bundles to meet any client needs. The readiness and experience of our technicians will guarantee all the advantages of the Ma-estro assistance:

  • remote connection for immediate help
  • priority of intervention
  • multilingual personnel
  • periodic checkups of the measurements systems
  • data backup
  • remote activation for the software upgrades


Our clients can rely on the Ma-estro direct line for any doubts or issues.



CGT has been a Caterpillar dealer in Italy since 1934. CGT offers integrated sales solutions, rental and assistance in extractive industries, major works, infrastructures, construction, power generation, oil & gas and naval mechanics. CGT offers “turnkey” solutions in designing, manufacturing and maintaining cogeneration plants and marine propulsion engines.


PFREUNDT plans, develops and markets mobile weighing systems including software and data transfer systems offering many uses and with a high degree of reliability for worldwide markets of the extraction, disposal and recycling industry. The company's history is characterised by pioneering spirit and the power of innovation. This makes PFREUNDT today a sought-after partner for mobile and stationary weighing technology. Worldwide, there are currently about 40,000 PFREUNDT systems in use, which has resulted in the company being listed in the “Lexicon of German World Market Leaders”.


VEGA is a global manufacturer of process instrumentation. Its product portfolio includes level measurement sensors, point level switches, pressure transmitters, and equipment and software for integration into process control systems. For many years the robust measurement technology from VEGA has proven itself in all areas of mining and processing of building materials. From rocks to fine gypsum to asphalt: VEGA sensors reliably measure the contents of silos, enabling optimal production. VEGA sensors deliver absolutely reliable measurement data in the mining, transport, processing and storage of all raw materials and finished products.

MA-ESTRO since 2006 stands as a leading company in the designing and manufacturing of automation and efficiency systems for the aggregates industry.